Summer Tours


June 2020

The Swiss seize the opportunities of every season and for the people in the Canton the lake with its ferries, sailing boats and lakeside beaches becomes a veritable playground for locals and visitors alike. You can fish, swim in the lake and stroll around the ancient medieval City, look in the watch shop windows and enjoy the relaxed cafe society life of this University City.

Exclusive access to genuine watch factories – we will take you to see the whole process at authentic world famous manufacturers.


18.06.20– 21.06.20

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  • Destination: Watch Vallee
  • Holiday Type: Exclusive Watch Tour
  • Season: Summer
  • Duration: three nights, two full days
  • Leadership: M. Roy Slater Hill
  • Maximum Group Size: 15 people
  • Cost: 2018 – CHF 3150
  • Hotel: Hotel Palafitte – 5 Stars Swiss Hotel


    DAY OFpalafitte_2

    • Arrival in Neuchâtel
    • HOTEL PALAFITTE – Evening drinks reception
    • Talk by a local watch historian

    DAY 1

    • Visit of Parmigiani, where you will see the skilled “ateliers”
    • Visit of the second manufacturing facility (a modern factory) of Vaucher
    • Visit of a private vintage and veteran car collection hidden in Neuchatel.
    • Drinks reception then a sampler set Swiss dinner in the hotel (five courses plus Swiss cheese) with variety of local wines.

    DAY 2 palafitte_1

    • Presentation by a gemmologist
    • Workshop “Loupes”
    • Visit of La Chaux-de-Fonds and viewing of the outside of the world famous Corbusier’s, La Maison Blanche and Villa Turque
    • Musee de Horlogerie at La Chaux-de-Fonds
    • La Vue Des Alpes where views of the lakes & Alps are possible
    • Walder’s chocolate shop in the centre of the old town
    • Restaurant at the Hotel Du Peyrou in Neuchatel an old and historic place


    • Breakfast at the Hotel
    • Delivery of souvenir photographs of your visit, souvenirs and memorabilia.

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