Spring Tours



May 2020

As the hours of sun light increase so the flowers, trees and meadows with cows grazing, their bells chiming as they graze becomes so enchanting. The Jura mountains shake off their snowy mantle and reveal the verdant green undulating mountains, farms,trees and flowers.Famous watch names emerge it seems from the depth of Winter with road signs, factory facades and even the road names all telling you this is where watches are made!

Exclusive access to genuine watch factories – we will take you to see the whole process at authentic world famous manufacturers.

TOUR DETAILS    palafitte_1

  • Destination: Watch Vallee
  • Holiday Type: Exclusive Watch Tour
  • Season: Spring
  • Duration: three nights, two full days
  • Leadership: M. Roy Slater Hill
  • Maximum Group Size: 15 people
  • Cost: 2018 – CHF 3150
  • Hotel: Hotel Palafitte – 5 Stars Swiss Hotel


    07.05.20 – 10.05.20

    TOUR ITINERARY   palafitte_2

    DAY OF

    • Reception and evening drinks at Hotel Palafitte
    • Talk by a local watch historian

    DAY 1

    • Visit of Girard-Perregaux
    • Visit of Jean Richard
    • Visit La Vue Des Alps where views of the lakes & Alps are possible
    • Hotel Palafitte – Drinks reception then a sampler set Swiss dinner in the hotel (five courses plus Swiss cheese) with variety of local wines

    DAY 2

    Presentation by gemmologist

    • Workshop – “la Loupe”
    • Tour of La Chaux de Fonds, visit of the outside of the world famous Corbusier’s, La Maison Blanche and Villa Turque
    • Musée International de l’Horlogerie

    DAY 3